Drying ChiliSeafood Recipes with Chef Leslie Cannold.

Seafood Sides, Starters & Secrets

Roasted Lemon

Pre-heat your oven to 180 celcius, then take three lemons, cut them in half through the middle (not lengthways). scrunch up some aluminium foil into the bottom of a muffin tin. Place the lemon halves flesh side up in the muffin tin. Roast in to oven for around 30mins.

Remove from oven and serve with seafood with warm or cooled in place of the traditional 'slice of lemon.' The flavour of roasted lemons is 100 times more amazing than you could imaginge.


Roasted Garlic

Take a whole head of garlic and slice off the base. Place in the muffing tin descrided above... that is put the whole head in the place one muffin would go.

The flavour is different to any other way you have tasted garlic. It is significantly milder and can be used in several different ways with seafood. Taste it on a small corner of bread to understand the taste then get creative and use it where your imagination takes you. Always taste your creations before you serve them!


Seafood Sauce

The basis of seafood sauce is mayonaise 90% and tomato sauce 10% - Anything over and above this is usually only a dash of tobasco or woster sauce.

Knowing how simple it is to make - you won't ever need to buy it again.


Lemon Pepper Avacado Dip


  • Avacado
  • Lemon
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Yield the avacado flesh into a bowl, then mash with a fork. Freshly grind black pepper over it, then squeeze over lemon juice. Mix, then taste. Keep adding pepper and lemon, mixing and tasting as you go till you reach the desired flavour. Note: do not add salt!

Tips: mix in roasted garlic (above). This preparation can be used as a dip or spread.

Eating: Spread over a slice of crusty bread and then top with prawns and enjoy.


Parsley & Raw Anchovy with Bread Stick


  • Bunch Parsley
  • Jar Raw Anchovies
  • Bread Stick or French Stick (baggette)


Finely slice the parsley and anchovies in a 50/50 mix. Cut the bread stick into rounds about 1/2cm thick. Fan out bread discs on the serving platter, then drizzel with some of the oil from the anchovy jar over the bread. Place anchovy and parsley mixture in a bowl with a spoon in it.

To Eat: Spoon the mixture into a bread round and pinch closed into semi-circle shape and eat.


Smoked Salmon & Goats Cheese Rolls

Smoked salmon has a strong flavour, so pairing it with a gentle flavour like goats cheese is ideal. Simply spread the cheese over the smoked salmon, roll the salmon up and secure with a tooth pick (you may want to cut the rolls into smaller servings).

Make sure you taste your first one, so you can adjust the thickness of the cheese layer to suit your taste.


Yellow Rice (Saffron Rice / Turmeric Rice)

Go with Turmeric - it's inexpensive and better for you than saffron. But.... you must put another spice alongside turmeric for it to be digested impactfuly for your health. Here is how I do it:


  • Rice
  • 1 tbl turmeric or 1 cm cubed of fresh turmeric root peeled and sliced
  • 1 sprinkling of ground cinnamon


Cook the rice the way you normally would, but add the turmeric and cinnamon at the start to the water.

Note: If you want to use saffron, check online how to make roasted saffron, then grind it and use in place of the spices mentioned above.



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