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What Do Chilies Actually Taste Like Without The HEAT?

Well.. probably capsicum / bell peppers. That is the family chillies come from right? Well that is true. What would a Habanero actually taste like though if it didn't have the heat in it? Would it really just taste like a small capsicum / bell pepper?

I would like to know - and I'm exploring that actively through my plants.

  • Most chilli growers have only been exploring heat.
  • We know chillies can do that already - from warm to very hot.
  • What other flavors can we get out of all the varied plants?

N.B. For the record - I am a fan of the heat - I'm a massive fan - that's why I want to know more and grow more and see what can be done with these awesome plants.

About Chef Leslie Cannold (Big-Les):

My food ethic has always been fresh ingredients in season always win, as local as possible... but always go to the ends of the earth to get the best of the best: especially when you are dealing with meat or cheese products.

This is why I'm interested in - growing many varities of chillies, and experimenting with them. First - different ways of cooking it and second ways or doing different things when you grow them.

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